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For a person to be fit and physically active, cycling is one of the best ways

For a person to be fit and physically active, cycling is one of the best ways. The act of cycling keeps away the causes that threatens our physical health. It is a healthy practice that is considered as the low level of exercise. This can be performed by all age group of the people. Cycling is not only good for the health, but also has a greater impact in this polluted environment. It plays a major role in keeping the air less polluted. Like exercises and workouts, cycling does not cause pain or strain in the muscles and bones. It is considered as a mild workout. It increases the stamina and strength to a greater extent. It is a fun way to get fit and one can carry out this at any preferred time and any preferred place. It does not involve any requirement of specific physical skill.

Apart from the person doing cycling for transport, recreation; it is also considered as a sport.

Giro d’Italia

It is all about the bicycle race held in Italy. Along with Italy, the nearby regions are also involved in this cycle race. In 1909, the first race was organized. This event is organized by RCS Sport. It is an event organized every year, but was stopped at the period of two world wars. As the time flew, the event became notable in the world wide. This drew the attention of the not only the local cycle riders, but also the riders from the international level. It became the UCI World Tour event. It is the prestigious cycling event for three week long Grand Tours. This event is conducted in the late May or early June. The format of the cycle race remains same every year with the two time trials. The path of the cycle race is always through the Alps Mountain with the inclusion of Dolomites whereas the path changes every year. The event carries out for 23 days with 2 days being considered as the rest days.

One the riders finish the race, the aggregate of the times of the riders is taken to arrive at the conclusion to generate the result. The rider with the low aggregate time is considered the winner of the race. During this event, there are many other events being conducted. This includes some event for sprinters, climbers, young rider challenge for riders under the age of 25 and the team events. Get more information about the additional challenges being posted during this grand event.